Win/Loss Analysis

Customers come in all makes and models. The idea that “one size fits all” is no longer relevant in most competitive markets. Understanding differences and similarities between customer segments is essential to develop effective messaging and strategies.

At AMG Research, we help you understand how your product is differentiated in the market and determine strategies and messages to help you capitalize on the benefits. Effective market segmentation and corresponding product differentiation can give you a competitive advantage to grow your business.

We use quantitative market research techniques (web-based surveys and telephone interviews) and analytical analysis (cluster analysis, regression analysis, analysis of variance) to develop segmentation strategies.

Segmentation can be conducted along variables such as:

  • Customer demographics
  • Customer needs
  • Customer behavior
  • Price sensitivity/ability to pay
  • Company strategies (or position on the value chain)
  • Professional development

Why choose AMG Research?

Our proven quantitative market research techniques and analytical analysis allow us to develop effective segmentation strategies based on customer and market intelligence to help maximize growth.