Voice-of-Customer (VOC)

Voice-of-Customer (VOC) research is a vital component to any organization’s new product development process.

This type of market research involves understanding the customer and customer segments in great detail — customers’ needs, behaviors, purchasing practices, motivations, issues, problems, and needs for solutions.  We use a variety of qualitative research techniques, including face-to-face interviews, in-depth telephone interviews, and focus groups, to obtain direct input from stakeholders.

VOC research is conducted throughout the new product development cycle – idea and value proposition formulation, product and service feature prioritization, and concept testing.

Our methodologies provide a high-quality, efficient process for involving VOC information into the product development process. Our methods ensure all VOC projects are done on time, within budget, and with proven, high-quality, effective techniques.

Why choose AMG Research?

AMG Research has conducted numerous VOC studies for our clients for a wide range of new products and services to help ensure product success.