Pricing Studies

AMG Research specializes in custom-designed market research to help companies understand how to make effective pricing decisions.

Pricing is one of the most important marketing activities. Rightly so, price has the greatest and most immediate influence on a company’s bottom line.

While most executives agree on the importance of effective pricing, few companies have Pricing Directors or spend significant time focusing on price improvement.

Unfortunately, most pricing decisions are made with little knowledge of how customers value new product and service features. Often, the decisions are made while sitting in a meeting room, with little input from prospective customers. And the impact of poor pricing decisions can mean the difference between the success and failure of a product line.

When you partner with AMG Research, we use a number of methodologies, modeling tools, and analytical techniques, depending on the project requirements, to ensure you get the information you need to determine price.

Research tools include:

  • Price Sensitivity Analysis
  • Discrete Choice Conjoint Analysis
  • Van Westendorp Analysis
  • Price/Volume Analysis
  • Mystery Shopping (competitor analysis)
  • Pricing Seminars

Why choose AMG Research?

As a leading market research firm in assessing difficult pricing decisions, we use proven techniques, such as discrete choice conjoint analysis, to help you address your pricing issues and challenges.