Market Size & Market Share

Many strategic business plans are overly optimistic and do not contain objective market intelligence. No matter how hard you try to remain objective, strategic plans contain a bias based on your company’s internal paradigm.

At AMG Research, we conduct market assessments from an objective, third party perspective. With over 20 years of practical experience in industrial and medical markets, we are able to collect market information and convert it into market intelligence that is actionable and helps improve clients’ top and bottom lines.

We collect market information from a variety of sources including available secondary research, competitor intelligence, and primary research with the entire value chain (sales and distribution channel, OEMs, integrators, end users, etc.).

Our market analysis projects have involved more than 500 different markets and product lines. Whether the assignment involves obtaining tactical information (e.g., market size and competitor shares) or involves strategic direction (e.g., determining what the company’s strategy should be based on objective market intelligence), we are here to help.

Why choose AMG Research?

Using both primary and secondary research methods, we help companies understand market opportunities and their position in the market to make more informed and strategic decisions.