Market Opportunity Assessment

AMG Research offers a well-defined and systematic process for assessing new market opportunities.

We investigate new market opportunities in a wide variety of industries – from surgical equipment to power transformers, treated lumber to hard hats, banking to home medical devices, and polymer resins to natural gas drilling.

Most companies understand their markets very well and have a lot of information on their key segments. However, once they try to expand to new segments, the knowledge base drops significantly. Customers in different market segments often have very different needs, requirements, and preferences.

We provide recommended actions to best enter a market by understanding and finding key information, including:

  • Market size and market segments
  • Percent of market available to our client
  • Key customers and their decision makers
  • Specification and purchasing process
  • Market requirements, needs, and preferences
  • Competitors in the marketplace
  • Sales channels required to reach the market
  • Current price levels
  • Potential competitive reactions
  • Segmentation of the market

Why choose AMG Research?

AMG Research helps companies identify and assess new market opportunities by evaluating the different needs, requirements and preferences in each segment.