Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty

At AMG Research, we have conducted hundreds of customer satisfaction studies for clients, each custom-designed for their specific needs.

Understanding the voice of the customer, and more importantly, how the information can be collected, presented, and interpreted to create actionable results is what we do best.

  • What causes customers to come back to your company again and again while other customers defect?
  • What experiences do your customers have with your products and services, and how do these experiences affect their perception of your brand?
  • What changes can you make to improve your customers’ overall experience with your brand and your company?

Competition for customers today is intense, and the answers to these questions may have a significant impact on your company’s business and profitability.

The cost of acquiring a new customer is exponentially larger than the cost of keeping one. This is why a better understanding of your customers’ experiences is so important.

At AMG Research, we help you understand customer satisfaction and customer loyalty through research tools, including:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    The “one question needed to measure customer loyalty”
  • Competitive Advantage Measurement System (CAMS™)
    AMG Research’s exclusive methodology for quantitatively assessing your customer satisfaction performance relative to competitors and identifying competitive advantage
  • SatTrack™
    Ongoing customer satisfaction tracking that makes customer satisfaction measurement a “company process” rather than a one-time study
  • Customer Loyalty Index
    A systematic and quantitative approach to understand who your loyal customers are and what will continue to build loyalty

Why choose AMG Research?

We know that the key to a successful customer satisfaction study is understanding the right way to design a questionnaire, the right methodology for the situation, and the right way to interpret and present information. And that’s exactly what we do.