Conjoint Analysis

To help you quantify how buyers value product and service features and how much customers are willing to pay for the added value, AMG Research uses both discrete choice and adaptive conjoint analysis as market research tools.

Conjoint analysis places buyers in more of a real-life buying situation, forcing them to choose between realistic product packages.  By asking questions that actually simulate the buying experience, conjoint analysis can reveal the buyer’s decision-making process and can unravel how the buyer would trade one product attribute for another.

Conjoint Analysis Applications

  • Determine which product and service features are most valued by customers
  • Price to the value of a new product or service
  • Segment markets based on what customers value
  • Determine optimum product features and service levels
  • Identify new product opportunities and direct future product development

Conjoint Analysis Benefits

  • Make better pricing decisions to improve profitability
  • Minimize product “cannibalization”
  • Increase overall customer share
  • Improve product development process

Why choose AMG Research?

With more than 20 years of experience, AMG Research has conducted numerous conjoint analysis studies for pricing, new product development, and segmentation. Our clients partner with us to implement conjoint analysis techniques to solve complex problems.