Ad Testing & Brand Analysis

Advertising agencies and their clients often seek to test advertising strategies and concepts against target audiences to determine how they will perform in the market.

At AMG Research, we use various methodologies to focus on measuring the effectiveness, perception, or targeting of a series of, or a single advertisement in a specific market.

Advertising testing can be used in any type of media, including print, TV/Cable, radio, billboard and others. We can implement a comprehensive study during any stage of the creative or message development process, including conceptualization, storyboard, or final implementation.

We also use this type of testing to focus on competitive aspects (your ad vs. the competition). Typical ad testing techniques include advertisement recall and face-to-face interviews, such as focus groups or customer intercept.

Additionally, advertisement testing can help you determine the most effective advertisement from a series of alternatives during the initial and ongoing design stages.

Why choose AMG Research?

We are able to provide objective and effective testing of advertisements and assessments of brands to ensure marketing success.