Profit/Margin Maximization (For Pricing Research)

In most pricing or product development initiatives, businesses need an accurate analysis to determine what the market is willing to pay for products and services. Many times, internal assumptions are made based on little or no research data.

AMG Research can provide you with the accurate analysis you need to make strategic decisions.  We specialize in Profit/Margin Maximization – a modeling technique used to maximize revenue or profitability based on collected market research data.

With Profit/Margin Maximization analysis, the goal is to obtain useful market intelligence data that will quantitatively assess the highest price that a product or service can sustain, or determine the price points that will maximize revenue or profitability.

Profit/Margin Maximization will help answer the following questions:

  • At what price is your product’s market share maximized?
  • At what price is your product’s revenue maximized? (If estimated costs are known)
  • What changes to a product would result in a higher price?
  • Which customer segments are willing to pay more for a product or service?
  • What will happen to your share/revenue/profit if one or more competitors match your price reduction?

Why choose AMG Research?

We have the market research tools to help you accurately determine what the market is willing to pay for your specific products and services, which will help increase your profitability.