MaxDiff Scaling

When you want to determine what attributes or items are most important or preferred among customers with more clarity and ease than traditional rating methods (10 point scale), AMG Research uses MaxDiff (best/worst) Scaling.

This is a research approach for obtaining preference/importance scores for multiple items (brand preferences, brand images, product features, decision factors, advertising claims, etc.).

In many situations, there are a large number (12 or more) attributes that need to be prioritized. While traditional rating methods are not very effective in providing meaningful differences in attribute importance, MaxDiff is proven to be an excellent method to show clear differentiation.

MaxDiff applications:

  • Product naming
  • Packaging concept testing
  • Value proposition prioritization
  • Factor importance ranking
  • Product/service feature prioritization

MaxDiff advantages:

  • Easier for respondents to complete survey when many attributes are investigated
  • Scores are more discriminate and differentiated than standard rating scales
  • Used in a wide range of applications (message testing, advertising claims, brand images, product features, satisfaction factors, etc.)
  • Clearly identifies most and least important items
  • Reduces scale bias

Why choose AMG Research?

Truly understanding what is important to customers and what customers want is a key to any successful business. We use MaxDiff Scaling to help customers improve branding initiatives, new product development, customer satisfaction performance, and marketing campaigns.