KANO Analysis

AMG Research uses KANO Analysis to help you classify product attributes based on how they are perceived by customers and their effect on customer satisfaction.

Kano Analysis is very effective in identifying customer needs, defining product concepts, analyzing competitive products and determining functional requirements. These classifications are useful for guiding design decisions because they indicate when good is good enough, and when more is better.

With KANO Analysis, there are four types of product features:

Threshold attributes

Product musts that do not provide an opportunity for product differentiation

Performance attributes

Those attributes where more is generally better and will improve customer satisfaction (a weak performance attribute reduces customer satisfaction)

Excitement attributes

Unspoken and unexpected by customers but can result in high levels of customer satisfaction, however their absence does not lead to dissatisfaction

Indifferent attributes

Features that are unimportant to customers and could be eliminated from product design to obtain a lower cost

Why choose AMG Research?

We will help you improve your customer satisfaction and product development processes. We use KANO Analysis to prioritize product features and improve each customer’s experience with your products and services.