Cluster Analysis (Segmentation)

We use Cluster Analysis to help you target groups of customers who cannot be defined in simple demographic terms.  Using a selection of variables, it is possible to use Cluster Analysis to segment a particular audience into a number of distinct groups, each of which has its own set of attitudes, behavior patterns, etc.

Applications include:

  • Segmenting the market and determining target markets
  • Product positioning and new product development
  • Selecting test markets

Cluster Analysis classifies respondents together so they are very similar within groups and as different as possible between groups. Clusters can be segmented using any variables desired (e.g., brand perceptions, market strategy, perceptions around loyalty, personal activities), as long as you are using scaled data.

Why choose AMG Research?

Customer segmentation analysis can be a complicated and difficult task. We have conducted numerous segmentation studies for our clients, and this experience allows us to provide a very customized approach to segmentation using tried and true methodologies and techniques.