Research Methods

At AMG Research, we use both qualitative and quantitative market research methods to match the right methodology with your project requirements. Our expert on-staff interviewers and moderators ensure we are getting the data you need to make better business decisions.

Our research methods include:

Qualitative Methods

Focus Groups

Moderated group discussion at a central location where concepts and ideas are shared and discussed in a group setting. This method is great for demonstrating new product concepts, understanding customer needs and impressions, and testing new marketing concepts.

Virtual Focus Groups

Group discussions where the moderator can show concepts to all respondents via conference call or Webinar to eliminate travel and the need for everyone to be located in one city.

Face-to-Face Interviews

One-on-one interviews with customers or experts at the respondent’s location provide the best source of detailed information where respondents can fully explain their opinions.

In-depth Telephone Interviews

Typically 45 to 60 minute interviews with key customers or decision-makers to fully explore a topic.

Customer User Groups

Recruitment of small customer panels that are available to provide input into new ideas and concepts on an on-going basis via social media (e.g., Linked-In) or e-mail.

Quantitative Methods

Online Surveys

Fast, efficient and cost-effective approach to reach customers or a target audience (when email addresses are available).

Telephone Interviews

Effective for reaching customers and non-customers to discuss a topic one-on-one.

Mail Surveys

Used to reach large audiences when telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are not available. This method requires longer lead times, and typically receives lower response rates.

Mixed Methodologies

Depending on the audience and subject, it may be best to use a combination of methods quantitative and qualitative approaches.

When you partner with us, we use the best methodologies that will enable you to achieve your knowledge objectives.