About Us

AMG Research – a global market research company located in Pittsburgh, PA – was founded in 1991 and specializes in market research-based consulting for industrial, medical/healthcare, professional/trade associations, and consumer markets.

By 1995, the company had expanded its reach from across the United States into Europe and Asia. While many market research firms have merged or been acquired over the years, AMG Research continues to operate as a leading independent market research provider, and we continue to grow each year.

At AMG Research, we combine practical business experience with proven market research techniques to apply the results of market research to solve clients’ marketing and business issues.

We assist our clients by providing:

  • Full-service market research
  • Global research
  • Brand associations
  • Sophisticated quantitative techniques
  • Telephone, web-based, and face-to-face interviews
  • Research-based consulting

Reliable market research goes beyond collecting data. It’s the analysis and interpretation that enable our clients to make effective business decisions.

We add value every step of the way by knowing what questions to ask, who to target, and how to interpret the results.