Corey White
Operations Director

Corey White

Corey has two primary roles at AMG Research as the Senior Project Manager and AMG Research’s Operations Director. He has over 15 years of experience and first joined AMG Research in August of 1996. Corey brings a unique background to AMG Research with extensive knowledge in both marketing research and information technology.

Corey leads AMG Research’s project management team with years of experience designing and conducting business to business research studies in industrial, commercial, and healthcare markets. Corey works directly with clients to design questionnaires to meet research objectives, manage research processes, schedules, and reports. Corey has experience implementing qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and performing advanced analytics including Kano model analysis, cluster analysis, conjoint analysis, and other discrete choice techniques such as Max Diff.

Corey has successfully managed hundreds of research studies covering a broad array of industries and methodologies.

Outside of market research, Corey enjoys doing creative activities such as writing, playing guitar, and art.